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6th International Conference on

Electrical Information and Communication Technology

07~09 December 2023

* To be held in hybrid mode *

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Technical Chair
Md. Rafiqul Islam
Department of EEE
KUET, Bangladesh

Technical Secretary
Monir Hossen
Department of ECE
KUET, Bangladesh
Track 1: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks, and Security
• Algorithms
• Distributed and Cloud Computing
• Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic
• Pattern Recognition
• Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
• Computer Architecture & Networks
• Embedded Systems and Applications
• Mobile Computing & IoT
• Computer Security, Cryptography
M. M. A. Hashem, CSE, KUET
Md. Shahjahan, EEE, KUET
Md. Aminul Haque Akhand, CSE, KUET
Muhammad Sheikh Sadi, CSE, KUET
Pintu Chandra Shill, CSE, KUET
Sk. Imran Hossain, CSE, KUET
Kazi Saeed Alam, CSE, KUET
Md. Abu Hanif Shaikh, IICT, KUET
Track 2: Knowledge & Data Engineering
• Knowledge, Big Data and Data Engineering
• Natural Language Processing
• Human-Computer Interaction
• Software Engineering
K. M. Azharul Hasan, CSE, KUET
Md. Mahbub Hasan, EEE, KUET
Mohammad Shamsul Arefin, CSE, CUET
Anupam Bairagi, CSE, KU
Track 3: Signal Processing, Multimedia, and Embedded Systems
• Signal, Image, and Video Processing
• Speech and Audio Signal Processing
• Remote Sensing and Satellite Image Processing
• Pattern Matching and Computer Vision
• Multimedia Security and Systems
• Embedded Systems and Applications
Mohammad Shorif Uddin, CSE, JU
Kalyan Kumar Halder, EEE, KUET
Md Zakir Hossain, Curtin University, AU
Hussain Md Abu Nyeem, EECE, MIST
Rezwanul Ahsan, EEE, DIU
Track 4: Sensors, Robotics, and Power Electronics
• Circuits and Systems
• Sensors, Actuators, Instrumentation and Measurements
• Mechatronics, Robotics, Automation and Control
• VLSI design and Fabrication
• Energy Conversion and Electrical Machines
• Power & Industrial Electronics and Drives
• Control Theory and Applications
Md. Rafiqul Islam (1), EEE, KUET
Mohammad Shaifur Rahman, EEE, KUET
Sk. Shariful Alam, ECE, KUET
Md. Habibullah, EEE, KUET
Md. Tawabur Rahman, EEE, KUET
Protik Chandra Biswas, EEE, KUET

Track 5: Communications and Optoelectronics
• Communication Systems, 5G and 6G
• RFID and Sensor Networks
• Wireless and Optical Communication
• Waveguides, Fiber Optics and Components
• Electromagnetics, Dielectrics
• Microwave, RF & Satellite Communication
• Optoelectronic Devices, Circuits & Integrated Photonics
Md. Faruque Hossain, ECE, KUET
Mostafa Zaman Chowdhury, EEE, KUET
Pallab Kumar Choudhury, ECE, KUET
Md. Shamim Ahsan, ECE, KU
Md. Jahedul Islam, ETE, CUET
Track 6: Materials and Nanotechnology
• Electronic Materials & Devices
• Nanotechnology and Nano-electronics
• Flexible Electronics, Wearables & Materials
• Nano devices, MEMS, NEMS
• Flexible Electronics & Materials
• Semiconductors and Advanced Materials
Ashraful Ghani Bhuiyan, EEE, KUET
Md. Sherajul Islam, EEE, KUET
Md Tanvir Hasan, EEE, JUST
Md. Jahirul Islam, EEE, KUET
Md. Rejvi Kaysir, EEE, KUE
Md. Shamim Sarker, EEE, KUET
Md. Nur Kutubul Alam, EEE, KUET
Track 7: Power System and Renewable Energy
• High Voltage Engineering
• ower System Design and Stability Analysis
• Renewable Energy, Storage & Management
• Distributed Generation & Green Technologies
• Smart Grid, Micro-grid
Md. Abdur Rafiq, EEE, KUET
Md. Faruk Hossain, EEE, RUET
Tareq Aziz, EEE, AUST
Razzaqul Ahsan, SQU, Oman
Naruttam Kumar Roy, EEE, KUET
Imran Khan, EEE, JUST
Mehedi Hasan, EEE, JUST
Track 8: Biomedical Engineering
• Biomedical Engineering
• Bio-signal and Biomedical Imaging
• Bioinformatics and Bioelectronics
• Solid, Fluid, and Cardiac Biomechanics and Biomaterials
• Rehabilitation Engineering
• Clinical Engineering and Smart Healthcare System
• Telemedicine and mHealth
Sheikh A. Fattah, EEE, BUET
Mohiuddin Ahmad, EEE, KUET
A. B. M. Aowlad Hossain, ECE, KUET
Sheikh Md. Rabiul Islam, ECE, KUET
Md. Bashir Uddin, MBE, KUET